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Morgue is a Celestial Demon, and what is known as a Dream Weaver - the other side of the coin to Dream Eater Demons. Through dreams, Morgue worked as a Demon of deals and trades. Now he dabbles in the dark arts of illustration, publication design, writing, and occasionally gaming - though he's still always up for a good deal or trade.Being a Demon interested in the dead and undead, he has a perfect partnership with Ilko, a necromancer who was punished by being trapped within inanimate objects. Even if Ilko is rather surly, his attitude does not seem to bother Morgue at all.

Morgan "Morgue" McLamb is a Transgender artist with a Bachelor's Degree from Rowan University in Art & Illustration (Cum Laude).Please use He/Him or They/Them pronouns when referring to Morgan or his avatar, Morgue. Thank you!

Ilko Lore

Once a powerful Necromancer, Ilko was a scourge that many feared and admired.However, Ilko had made many enemies over his years of terror. This led to his consciousness being bound into a scarf to mitigate his power and seal him away without killing him. Since that time, however, Ilko has found ways to transfer himself into other objects as the need arises.This did not seem to stop him, though limiting his abilities significantly. Morgue stumbled across Ilko during his many travels, and now looks after the surly necromancer in the Ossuarium.